President Obama tells OFA volunteers: “You’re doing God’s work”

As I continue to contend with my apartment (it’s dried out quite nicely and repair work will soon begin,) I wanted to take a moment from my sabbatical to discuss something that happened yesterday.

I do not get offended easily, especially by politicians, but this statement from the President to Organizing for Action volunteers truly rankled me.

For those of you who do not know, Organizing for Action evolved from the President’s re-election campaign apparatus Organizing for America. Most of you know my ambivalence to institutional religion, but I have always acknowledge a belief in some sort of higher power.

After all, among friends I have often claimed the status as the universe’s favorite chew toy.

At this event, President Obama gave his followers two directives:

  1. Get people to sign up for healthcare coverage through Obamacare
  2. Help him raise the minimum wage

This is “God’s Work?”

Imagine, if you will,  President George W Bush telling his volunteers that peddling his policies was “God’s work”

Equally offensive, is his notion that those of us who do not agree with his policies do so simply because we “can’t stand the President,” listen to the “wrong newscast,” or are “cynical.”

I’m not going to go an a rant about this. I have too many other things that require my personal energies. I am tired of this man.

He has managed to divide us like no other President.

Even his opposition is divided.

His goal of raising the minimum wage to $10.10 is another tool of division.

While the CBO claims the increase would raise one million people out of poverty, it also states that by 2016 it ill be at the cost of 500,000 jobs. Charles Krauthammer said it best:

What this is, is a transfer of wealth from some low-income earners to other low-income earners. Some — of course, this is so obvious, not rocket science — some will be better off, will make more, but others are going to lose everything. They’re going to lose all of their income, and they’re going to lose the first step on the ladder into employment, which is the hope for the future.
So it’s a high price. You can make your choice, but there isn’t a free lunch. They are running ads saying give America a raise, as if it’s no cost. It is a cost, and it’s other low income people who will be the ones who pay it.

What else would we expect from this nation’s most divisive President?

I have often stated I live in one of the bluest counties of (despite our current Governor) a very blue state. I can tell you, there are many who supported this man that are very disappointed and it’s not for the reasons the President would have you believe.

They are almost as tired of this man as I am.


By this November, they will be.

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One Response to President Obama tells OFA volunteers: “You’re doing God’s work”

  1. Well, as he sees himself as ‘god’, and they ARE doing ‘his’ work, …is this REALLY a lie?


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