President Obama sings: “I’ll go it alone”

As I deal with the clean up of the waterfall that was in my bedroom, I thought I would share the latest hit by President Obama. He’s told us he has a pen and a phone and now he sings: “I’ll go it alone”

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7 Responses to President Obama sings: “I’ll go it alone”

  1. What happened at your house, partner?
    I assume this wasn’t a “bedroom waterfall installation gone bad”, …correct?

    • Bret Rickert says:

      I live in a wonderful garden apt. here in Hoboken. Hurricane Sandy flooded 80% of the city. I was untouched. Yesterday, someone’s dishwasher did what Sandy could not. So, now I am temporarily displaced as they air out the apt. and do that thing they do to prevent mold.

      It really could have been much worse.

      • Ahh, yes: “floating the carpets”, etc.,…
        Many, many years in property-&-casualty insurance gave me far more information on that than I’d care to possess, quite honestly.

        Then I assume it’s the other tenant’s insurer taking care of this (I hope), and not yours?
        Either way, it doesn’t take long, and they pay for your temporary living arrangements. Heck, some companies ‘front’ you the check.

        Hopefully, it’s over soon.

      • Bret Rickert says:

        Yea, cost isn’t my concern and I went all to heck and had a big chinese food dinner! They will examine apt. in two days, but they think it will be five days until I’m safely dried out.
        Computer access will be a problem, I’m down to my android. You know how that goes.

      • Yes, I do…

        If you get desperate, the public library can come in handy in a pinch for computer access. Just a suggestion.
        Hope it all works out soon.

        One suggestion: I’d take a video of your apartment, and store it elsewhere (parents, buddy, sibling). Takes about an hour for most homes.

        That way if anything ever truly destroys your place, you have a detailed video of everything you own. Trust me: trying to recall everything is tougher than you might think without something like this. You’ll probably need to transcribe it for the insurance company anyway, but then you have an easy way to keep track and update.

        Tons easier that way that trying to keep a list of every drawer, CD, article of clothing, and power tool you own…

      • Bret Rickert says:

        Great idea, JTR, thanks.

        I wish I had thought of it before my Picasso oil was destroyed, and what that water did to my Chagall…. 😉

      • In that case, they “may” ask for a receipt.
        Just sayin’…

        ***When you do your video, have the person with whom you store it do one of THEIR home. Then, store theirs for them. As long as you both don’t live in the same building, it’s unlikely you’ll both have a loss at the same time.
        And then you can keep each other honest about periodically updating your vids. I’d suggest every 2-3 years or so.

        Can you tell I’ve said that spiel about 10,000 times?

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