About SOTU and that income inequality

Since I am still a one handed blogger, I’m forced to keep this short.

Tonight the theme of the State of the Union address will be restoring opportunity. In his speech, the President will attempt to take credit for a recovering economy, while arguing those who are not experiencing this recovery are victims of income inequality.

I don’t know if he will use the phrase “income inequality,” but he sure as heck will imply it.

That’s what’s going to happen tonight.

He’ll take about an hour to tell you that.

How do I know?

This statement in a memo from democrat strategist, James Carville:

We hope that he does not dwell on the successes of the economy, which may be apparent in employment statistics, the GDP and stock market gains, but which are not felt by folks at the grocery store

We also know he is going to raise the minimum wage for federal workers to $10.10 an hour and seek to raise taxes on the nation’s employers.

Oh, he’ll also tell you it’s not his fault.

What’s not his fault?

Everything bad.

Anything good.. he did that.


There is too much for me to address. It would take at least 1,000 words to show how this recovery is the worse in history.

Fox news did a terrific piece on income inequality.

I hear you: “Oh that’s Faux news, man! Dude, they lie!”

In that case, before watching here is a graphic from the census bureau:

income-gap-obamaNow that you know there are other sources to confirm what you are about to see, here’s the video.

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