John Boehner on Jay Leno

As I continue to nurse my hand and keep warm in this artic blast (which has me rather grumpy,) I thought I would post John Boehner’s appearance on Jay Leno last night.

One thing is certain about his appearance, the so called “tru-cons” are going to be squealing. I hear them now, RINO, Squish, traitor…

It’s safe to say he’s going to get heat for this interview. Off the top of my head; most likely there will be people complaining about the gestapo reference. I know the tea party people are going to be mad as heck over his comments regarding the government shutdown, and someone will definitely gripe about his NSA comments. No matter the criticism, it was a good honest interview.

Yea, I think this interview and its probable fallout is only going to highlight how being the Speaker of the House is truly a thankless job. But you know what… I like John Boehner.

You can go a head and call me names now, the earmuffs I’m wearing will drown out the noise.

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