A Sunday story

January has been a difficult month for me to have the adequate time to write the posts I want.

After all, blogging is something I do in my spare time and lately I seem to have very little of it. Here I am sitting on a pile of information I wish to write about and for numerous reasons I can’t get the appropriate time to present them properly.

There are many positive stories out there; ranging from Amazon workers refusing to unionize, to a major Republican victory in an Arkansas special election, and with a Republican victory in the Michigan senate race a good possibility, the outlook for the Republicans regaining the Senate is improving.

While the Republicans need to pick up 6 seats to regain the Senate, they have a good chance of picking up 9 seats. This is where I usually crunch the numbers to prove my point, but as I said I’m running little short of time. Besides it’s only January and we all know it’s a loooong way until November.

On top of that list to write about, there is, of course, the numerous stories regarding Obamacare, that new major government program to help the people.

We all know how effective government programs are, don’t we?

Well, since last week was the 25th anniversary of Reagan’s farewell address, I thought we would listen to him tell a story to the current President about the true impact of government programs. Enjoy!

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