I wonder if Christie is still weeping?

I said last week I was owed a rant…. Here it is:

I’ve already said my piece about Governor Christie and bridgegate, but I’m going to expound a little.

While what the Governor did to Mayor Bret Schundler was significant in changing my attitude towards the Governor and hugging President Obama certainly did not improve my attitude, it was this press conference that put me off the man: particularly from the 1:38 mark in the video:

He wept after hugging Bruce Springsteen?

Bruce and he are officially friends?

“The Governor” and the state’s biggest liberal celebrity are now friends…isn’t that special.

Last night, the Governor’s friend appeared on Jimmy Fallon.

Are you weeping now, Gov.?

Still friends?


Rant over now.

*Deep breath*

Why is it every time I talk about Governor Christie I get the desire to go for a 5 mile run?

Or eat a dozen doughnuts?

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2 Responses to I wonder if Christie is still weeping?

  1. If you run the 5 miles first, the donuts don’t count. It’s just basic math!

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