From the “what if this happened to a Republican” category

Lets go to WHAS 11 news:

What word did you never hear? Not sure? Let’s watch coverage from Fox 56 Lexington:

That’s right. The DEMOCRAT lawmaker.

Like I said earlier this week, I’m short on time this week so you are saved from a rant.

But I’m owed one free rant!

I’m confident in your imagination to determine what the national uproar would have been if this happened to a REPUBLICAN lawmaker.

I bet footage of the damage would have been available.

I bet…

Wait….. I said  there wouldn’t be a rant.

I’ll just wait to see the coverage on MSNBC.

Don’t worry.

I won’t hold my breath

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5 Responses to From the “what if this happened to a Republican” category

  1. tannngl says:

    Great post. Glad at least the local media reported on it!

  2. It’s a bit like how the (D) is never included when a Democrat gets into trouble. Then, they are always just referred to as the Congressman, or Mayor, or whatever. Or if it is someone from an advocacy group, or a pundit, or a website. If it’s, or HotAir, or CATO, or (insert conservative pundit’s name here), then they are always introduced as “Conservative”…, sometimes even “highly conservative”.

    But Huffington Post, or Planned Parenthood, or if it’s some twit from the NYTimes or Boston Globe, …then no clarification of “Liberal” or “highly liberal” is necessary.

    It’s obvious to us, but lots of folks miss it unless/until it’s pointed out to them…

    • Bret Rickert says:

      Let’s not forget “far right,” “right wing,” “racist”… no wait.
      Like I told Tannngl, I tend to avoid the media’s double standard but sometimes it just really ticks me off. Maybe the 4 am hour, the cold, and my aching back contributed, but I when I heard “three-term representative,” I was motivated to post during my morning coffee.

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