As success for Obamacare becomes “non-failure,” Republicans continue to press

Yesterday, Sam Baker of the National Journal, highlighted the fact the continuous watering down of the standard for success makes it near impossible for the Affordable Care Act to fail:

At this point, the White House’s definition of success seems to basically boil down to “not failure”—a standard that falls far short for a law that used up so much political capital and was sold with such grand promises.

At this point, when asked to define success for 2014, White House officials often answer by noting that the worst-case scenario for the health care law is unlikely to happen. But that “non-failure” standard falls far short of the high expectations Democrats once had for the law, and of the promises they made to sell it.

It is a remarkable thing to see. Watch, as White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, performs this policy pirouette:

Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to highlight the shortcomings of the law and its rollout. In North Carolina Thom Tillis, the state’s House Speaker, is calling out Democrat Senator, Kay Hagan, for her role in establishing the ACA as he seeks to change that Senate seat from Democrat to Republican.

RNC Chairman,Reince Priebus, also announced the GOP would be running radio ads like this in states represented by vulnerable Democrats.

And the quest for the Senate majority begins….

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2 Responses to As success for Obamacare becomes “non-failure,” Republicans continue to press

  1. Pete says:

    However like most things in government once they start to operate it is nearly impossible to stop them… but surely we must continue to try.

  2. It exists = “success”.

    Everything else is just details………

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