Congress is in session

There is, perhaps, no phrase that scares me more than: “Congress is in session.”

Well there are a few, for instance: “the strip changed colors” or  “we need to talk about our relationship.”

But almost nothing makes me feel as powerless as: “Congress is in session”

I’m going to have a hectic schedule this week, so my posting time may be limited for a few days.

It appears Harry Reid and the Democrats have their agenda set for this session. Starting with extending the unemployment benefits, then moving to increasing the minimum wage in an effort to continue the divisive message of income inequality. An agenda set to highlight a “GOP civil war.”

All the while, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, will continue his threat to eliminate the Senate filibuster completely.

Then we have the debt ceiling deadline of February 7, but the Treasury has the tools to push that into March.

Yes, it is clear Chuck Todd was absolutely correct on Meet the Press yesterday when he said regarding the administration:

they ticked off a whole bunch of issues. Confirmation of Janet Yellen, fight for employment insurance, we’re going to have those NSA reforms. Sort of ticking off all these issues.

They sort of left out healthcare completely and I said, ‘So, what does healthcare look like?’ Well, they said as long as everything continues to get a little bit better, they think they can somehow ease things. And ultimately, no matter what, they would like to be talking about anything other than healthcare.

This should be a very fascinating and tumultuous session leading to the mid term elections.

Yes, Congress is in session. Anyone else get the same feeling they had the first time they heard:

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One Response to Congress is in session

  1. Actually, those words scare me MORE than that, …but I completely catch your meaning, Bret!

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