Obamacare day 1

Now that Obamacare is now in full effect, I thought we would take a quick look at how things are going.

I’m going to be fair too. I’m going to choose a state where supporters of Obamacare…

Uh, I mean the Affordable Care Act. After all, I don’t want to be deemed racist.

According to supporters of the ACA, California is a success story.

Let’s see what they consider to be successful:

If you have any doubts about what the future holds, take a look at St Anthony’s Hospital on Little York in Houston where employees have not been paid in weeks.

And the adventures in Obamaville continues…..

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3 Responses to Obamacare day 1

  1. Defining failure as success, as only liberals can…

    No one else would even try.

  2. Pete says:

    I am just glad I can keep the health care plan I already have….Oh wait a minute I can’t!

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