My Christmas present to pajama boy

It’s 5 day s until Christmas and I’m just starting to feel the peace and joy that comes this time of year.

Really….I am.

As a matter of fact, I’m soooo feeling the love this year, I’m going to give pajama boy, Ethan Krupp, a pass.

Yup, I’m giving this a pass:

ethan krupp

Now, if you want to know more about this latest role model for men everywhere, the Washington Examiner provides a thorough introduction. 

Lord knows I don’t want to be included as one the left claims is cyber-bullying this modern day John Wayne.

No, it’s 5 days until Christmas and I want to include Ethan in all my good will towards others.

So, I said to myself….”Self let’s pick a Christmas song just for little Ethan.”

It is extremely rare when you can give the perfect Christmas gift but, I found it. Let us all enjoy this special song for Ethan and remember, it really does come with love.

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