An Unorthodox Christmas song or another self indulgent post

We are nine days away from Christmas and I still have shopping to do. Usually by now I’m done with my shopping but, as I have said, it is taking more effort than usual for me to claim my Christmas spirit this year.

So, since we have to wait until tomorrow to know whether the Bipartisan Budget act of 2013 survives its vote in the Senate and I do not want to talk about Obamacare…again; I decided to share one of my favorite modern Christmas songs. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I hear it being used in a commercial.

Most likely some bank commercial like another one of my favorite Christmas songs.


I better play the song before I go on a Christmas rant.

And that could ruin everyone’s mood.

Here is “All over the world” by the Pet Shop Boys

Yea, yea I heard that snicker.

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