Where are you Christmas?

I don’t know where it is this year, but I do know it is less than two weeks away. As I have said I’m having a little trouble getting into that happy mood I usually embrace this time of year.

My first step in achieving a better attitude is I’m not going to get involved in any of the ongoing intra-party squawking in the GOP.

In truth, many of the “all or nothing” crowd have contributed to my sour mood. I find their outrage at the “establishment” attacking them hilarious. I wonder did they really think they would be able to constantly attack everything they did with abandon.  Gleaning around the web, many of the “tru-cons” are stunned that only 26% of the Republican caucus in the House voted against the Bipartisan Budget Act.

I considered my self part of the Tea Party movement, but I have always recognized movements do not govern. In truth…..

See I’m starting to do exactly what I said I wouldn’t do. This is the problem I think with many. This country has been fighting since 2001.

Fighting terrorists.

Fighting Democrats

Fighting Republicans.

Fighting to pay the bills

Fighting to hang on to what we have.

Fighting, fighting, fighting.

We are tired.

We’re tired of the media covering the fights and we’re tired of pundits instigating the fights.

People, we are tired as a nation.

Who can blame us.

We are all scrambling and unsure of which direction we are going. We just know this country is going in the wrong direction .

There I’ve said my piece.

Now, I have to go start my Christmas shopping and to help get my attitude right, I’m going to stop fighting for awhile, catch my breath and listen to music. To start me down the path of a better mood here are The Piano Guys and guest Sarah Schmidt with “Where are you Christmas”

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