Steve Malzberg interviews Walter E Williams

As the  year slowly winds down and I begin to look forward to the “festive season,” I tend to stop looking at political events. Although, the budget battles over the last few years have made it difficult to completely ignore the political climate and it is shaping up to look the same this year.

As an alternative to discussing Obamacare or the potential budget deal, I thought I would start the week off with this interview by Steve Malzberg with Walter E William. They discuss Walter’s most recent column “Blacks and Obama” where he concludes:

There is every indication to suggest that  Obama’s presidency will be seen as a failure similar to that of Jimmy Carter’s. That’s bad news for the nation but especially bad news for black Americans. No white presidential candidate had to live down the disgraced presidency of Carter, but I’m all too fearful that a future black presidential candidate will find himself carrying the heavy baggage of a failed black president. That’s not a problem for white liberals who voted for Obama — they received their one-time guilt-relieving dose from voting for a black man to be president — but it is a problem for future generations of black Americans. But there’s one excuse black people can make; we can claim that Obama is not an authentic black person but, as The New York Times might call him, a white black person.

You know that had to rankle more than a few liberals!

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2 Responses to Steve Malzberg interviews Walter E Williams

  1. You have to LOVE Walter!

    Great post, Bret….

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