CAUGHT ON TAPE: Obamacare Navigators Counsel Applicants to Lie

I saw this last night over at and then this morning I see Drudgereport linked to an article by John Fund in National Review titled ” The Truth about Navigators.”

I’m not going to prattle on about my lack of surprise nor am I going to express outrage.

I’ve been expressing outrage for years now.

Most liberals still defend ObamaCare. Of course, most of them have yet to feel the pain. A stark observation made in a New York Times Editorial written by Lori Gottlieb:

Frustrated, I observed to one friend who was covered through her work that when an issue didn’t affect people directly, they became “theoretically generous.” Ask them to donate several thousand dollars so that the less fortunate can have medical insurance — which is exactly what President Obama is asking me to do — and I’ll bet they’d change their tune about “ending inequality” and “creating fairness” and “doing what’s good for the country.

I really can’t wait until the employer mandate goes into effect. I also think it’s time to tax health benefits as income, then let’s see how these sanctimonious people feel about paying extra. I strongly suggest you read the whole piece and then scroll down and endure the comment section, it will put things in perspective about what we’re up against.

While watching the video, remember the President lied to pass the bill, should we be surprised others are following his shining example?

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