Happy Veterans Day

In a recent poll, a majority of Americans believe that America’s best days are behind us.

I admit there are times when I feel the same.

Then I remember this country is so much more than our government.

The foundation of this country’s strength come from the people, particularly a very special group of people.

People who sacrifice.

Some sacrifice their lives.

Some sacrifice both mind and limb.

All sacrifice time with their families and all their families sacrifice with them.

In my search for a famous Veterans Day quote, I actually found this to be one of the most stirring:

Their selfless sacrifice paved the way for our continued freedom. Our children can gain inspiration by reading about the sacrifices of our honorable veterans. Let us sow the seeds of equality and unity in the minds of our children and teach them to cherish their freedom. Let us also teach them the merits of voluntary service and sacrifice. No sacrifice is too small for acknowledgment, and nobody is greater than a patriot.

This was written by Simran Khurana in her introduction to famous quotes about Veterans Day.

We must honor their sacrifice, we cannot allow our country’s best days to exist only in history.

To all who have served and to all who are serving, this nation owes you more than can be repaid. It is your sacrifice that allows me to believe, even through these troubled times, America’s best days are still ahead.


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