Oh gee, the President is sorry for being “burned” by his web site…I guess


As you can tell from the title, I’m full of snark again.

I’m just fed up with this guy.

I’m fed up with his policies.

I’m fed up with the people who defend him.

I’m fed up with the media that continues to protect him.

I’m just plain fed up.


Okay, now that I have that of my chest, let’s listen to what the man said:

I am sorry that [people who’ve lost their insurance] are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me.”

Does anyone understand what he is saying?

Is he admitting that his signature legislation never would have become law if it were not for his lies…uh, I’m sorry,  ‘assurances?”

I don’t think so.

If you watch the whole interview this is clearly a panicked President. He drones on and on about the “better” plans available, while never acknowledging the cost of these “better” plans.

We must, however, as a nation, come together and remember that our President is a victim too.

Yea, I’m being snarky again.

Let’s listen one more time to the narcissist-in chief:

 I am deeply frustrated about how this website has not worked over the first  couple of weeks. And, I take responsibility of that. My team takes  responsibility of that. And we are working every single day, 24/7, to improve  it. And it’s better now than it was last week. It’s certainly a lot better than  It was on October 1st. Having said that, given that I’ve been burned  already with a website–well, more importantly the American people have  been burned by a website that’s been dysfunctional, what we’ve also been doing  is creating a whole other set of tracks, making sure that people can apply by  phone effectively, making sure people can apply in person effectively.

Uh….Okay…so he has been burned by something he takes responsibility for?

I think.

This is like the person who killed his parents and then asked the court for leniency because he’s an orphan.

Notice how the millions of Americans burned by this whole fiasco is an afterthought.

Seriously, is there any clip that better defines this man?

Like I said…

I’m just plain fed up.

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