The government shut me down- sort of

As I mentioned in my last post my internet server went down. Actually it wasn’t the server that went down, it was my ability to access the internet.

No, I was not leaching.

Yes, I paid my bill.

Here is what happened.

Wednesday, I came home in the early evening and tried to log onto the world… uh, I mean the internet.

Since my living room television was working and I keep the router in my bedroom where I couldn’t see the flashing yellow light, instead of the steady blue light, alerting me to a problem, I went through my normal routine of entering the real world.

When I attempted to log on, I saw the message which can cause a certain anxiety:


This, of course, led to my reaction:


Once I saw there wasn’t a signal, I waited about an hour to call my provider.

Okay.. I waited a half an hour.

Okay… it was 15 minutes.

Alright! I picked up the damn phone and called immediately, but I tell you it felt like an hour before I got to talk to someone.

Once I completed the automated obstacle course big companies put their customers through, I finally spoke to a very nice gentleman who thanked me for my patience as he informed me there was indeed maintenance being performed and my internet should be back up shortly.

In the ten years I have used this internet service, this was the fist time it went down for maintenance. So, while I was…

homer eyes

I decided to go have dinner and use my smartphone to at least ease my addiction to the drug known as the internet, but I stayed upbeat and good natured.

Until I went into my bedroom to watch the World Series and discovered I did not have a cable signal in my bedroom.


I called my provider back immediately!

This time I spoke to a very polite lady, who thanked me for my patience, informed me their computer states there is still maintenance going on AND  she did not know when my service  would be fully functional.

I’m not the type of person who takes my anger out on the messenger, I know there is nothing she can do. I tell you though, when I hung up the phone…


I endeavored to endure. It’s not like I watched much of the first game of the World Series. The Red Sox won 8-1.

I’m a Yankee fan….

I hate the Red Sox…. It’s mandatory to hate the Red Sox if you are a Yankee fan.

I went to bed cranky.

When I awoke in the morning…. still no service. I knew something was very wrong but I had to get on with my day.

When I returned home later that afternoon, I, once again, called the cable company. This time, however, I was informed the maintenance had been completed and they would try to fix the problem from their end.


After being on the phone with them for almost an hour, doing the obligatory reboot of both my modem and non-functioning cable box, then giving them the serial numbers of said items.


Still no service.

I was told a technician would have to be sent to analyze the problem and asked what time tomorrow would be good for me:

will smith

I chose between 8am- 11 am.

The technician, to my pleasant surprise, arrived at 9 am and he immediately saw the problem. My wiring in the apartment is 20 years old and I was suffering from leakage. The FCC released new regulations regarding “Cable System Leakage”. The maintenance being performed, was the company containing the leakage by reducing the signal to my apartment to meet the new FCC standards, thereby cutting off my  internet service and extended cable service.

The technician re-wired my apartment, removed the “pads” the company put on my line, noted the numerous other “pads” on other lines and told the building’s superintendent to be expecting to see a lot of the cable company’s technicians over the next few days.

Now my service is fully restored.


See, I told you the government shut me down.

Sort of.

After all this aggravation, life has a way of reminding you of what is truly important. Shortly after my systems were restored, I received the news that my Aunt, my mother’s sister, passed away suddenly. After the shock, all that’s left is a profound sadness and she will be sorely missed.

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3 Responses to The government shut me down- sort of

  1. Kathie says:

    Thanks, Bret – she would have gotten a good chuckle from this & appreciated the sentiment!

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