Stop the bickering and seek victory in 2014


One of my top rules here is I try very hard not to attack the members of my team. I don’t always succeed. Sometimes my exasperation exceeds my capabilities of control and I hit the publish button after venting.

I’m human.

The exception to this rule is during primaries. When I pick the guy or gal I’m supporting  I fight tooth and nail for them. I’m also a big believer in not getting involved in elections occurring in other states, since I believe in the Republic and letting others pick their own representative; but, I have the feeling in 2014 I’m going to change this standard.

I was ambivalent towards the shutdown. I didn’t really approve of the effort because I knew the goal of defunding ObamaCare was not achievable. The votes never existed and the President was never going to give up his signature legislation. Some people would say; “you don’t know unless you try!”

Well, Sh..uh.. Shoot, I don’t have to run head first into a brick wall to know it’s going to hurt. However, I have known a few people in life who have had to run into that brick wall to learn the lesson. Sometimes they even have had to do it more than once.

I’m not going to attack either “the establishment” or the tea party over this debacle. I do not believe there was a “Surrender Caucus”. I also do not think fighting for one’s principles is crazy. Ed Morrissey over at hotair sums up this GOP spat perfectly:

Well, the attacks went both ways, and that started before the shutdown. When Cruz and Mike Lee pushed hard for the defunding strategy and the shutdown tactics, their allies attacked Republicans who opposed those strategic choices as “voting for ObamaCare,” a charge that FreedomWorks continued this week. At the same time, Peter King and John McCain rushed to television to call conservatives crazy, stupid, or both. Both sides seemed intent on ignoring the fact that opposition to ObamaCare is one of the few issues that unites the GOP, and has for four years, and that opposition to strategy is not the same thing as opposition to end goals.

The only way to dismantle ObamaCare is to win elections.  Democrats won’t just fold on ObamaCare because they don’t have to do so as long as they control the Senate and the White House; this is a lifetime achievement for them.  That means that Republicans and conservatives have to stop attacking each other’s integrity over choices in tactics, and focus on winning elections that replace Democratic incumbents in the Senate with solid Republican candidates, and building the argument to eliminate ObamaCare altogether after the 2016 elections.  And that means that conservatives and moderates within the party need to aim their rhetorical guns outward rather than inward, and activists need to focus on Democratic Senate seats rather than embark on purity campaigns within the GOP caucus.

It is time to move forward. The only reason this shutdown did not become a complete disaster is because of the conduct of our dear leader, President Obama.  2014 may very well be the Republicans last chance to gain control of the Senate for quite possibly 12- 16 years. We cannot blow this opportunity. If this shutdown has taught people the lesson of the importance of our party controlling the Senate, then this shutdown will not have been a wasted effort.

The time is now!

The cause is clear!

There is only one goal!

Victory in 2014!

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  1. Well put! Here’s another guy who agrees with you:

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