Shutdown day 14: All sides are clueless

Yes, it’s day 14 of the government shutdown.

No, I’m not surprised.

I said this would go on until we reached the debt ceiling.

I’m not going to go on a rant about the shutdown taking attention away from the failed launch of Obamacare. Instead, I am going to share this from Matthew Yglesias of

Yes, they’re liberal, but this conclusion says it all about many on both sides:

So it’s natural—but wrong—to think that the non-functionality of the websites is the shutdown. It seems to be the case that many grassroots conservatives believed, pre-shutdown, that the Ted Cruz strategy could actually prevent Obamacare from launching. And now it seems to be the case that many grassroots liberals believe, in the wake of the botched website launch, that it’s Ted Cruz rather than IT contractors and their overseers in the administration who’ve screwed things up.

After reading that, I needed something to make me laugh. Fortunately, this mock Obamacare ad, by the Heritage foundation, was just the thing I needed to stop me from causing myself serious bodily harm:

On to day 15!

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