As Democrat’s obduracy continues, here’s a quick lesson about the debt ceiling

With Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, now in charge of the negotiation strategy for the Democrats and has not held any floor votes in almost a week ,the media is going to continue its hysterics over the debt ceiling.

While the Media and the Democrats would like you to believe the public mostly blames the Republicans for the shutdown, according to National Journal that’s just not true:

A recent Bloomberg survey found that 40 percent blame the GOP for what’s wrong in Washington, while 38 percent blame the president and congressional Democrats. Back in February, Obama had a nine-point edge over Republicans and independents were evenly divided over who was responsible. Now, 42 percent of independents fault with Obama and his allies in Congress, while 34 percent blame Republicans on Capitol Hill.

The latest CNN poll found a similar trend, with the percentage who blame congressional Republicans for a government shutdown down five points and the percent who blame Obama up three points.

Those numbers were from last week and as the President and the Democrats continue to refuse to negotiate those numbers will only get worse for them. The Democrats have been able to rely on the main stream media covering for them, but they are underestimating the power of the internet and social media.

Pretty ironic given the community organizer rose to power due to his team mastering those mediums.

As the list of things unnecessarily shutdown by Obama to inflict public pain grows it is time to understand why October 17, the day the media claims a deal on the debt ceiling must be completed, will not be the end of the world. In under two minutes, Bankrupting America, clarifies the issue perfectly:

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