To battle the tyranny of the majority, the government must stay shutdown


At midnight last night the government went into partial shutdown.

Yea, I’ll admit I’m surprised.

The question is how long will the Republicans withstand the onslaught from the media. The media will paint them all different colors of evil. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, is calling Republicans anarchists, when in truth Republicans are standing up to the tyranny of the majority, something are founders feared. James Madison wrote:

In our Governments, the real power lies in the majority of the Community, and the invasion of private rights is chiefly to be apprehended, not from the acts of Government contrary to the sense of its constituents, but from acts in which the Government is the mere instrument of the major number of the constituents.

As President Obama continues to proclaim nothing will stop the implementation Of Obamacare. I say, good. The more Obamacare is seen and felt the more disliked it becomes. In truth, this case is even worse than what Madison envisioned. Here the government is not the instrument of the majority of constituents, they are actually acting against the will of its constituents as indicated by all the polls regarding Obamacare.

People think this shutdown will last a brief period of time. I think the only way it can be effective is for it to last until the middle of October, when the nation hits the debt ceiling. While it is clear that it is the President and the Democrats who are not budging, the media  will do its best to hide that fact. Harry Reid states the House is supposed to represent the country, the fact is the President is supposed to be the leader of the whole country, while House Representatives are supposed to follow the will of their constituents.. I do not know what the coming days will bring, but I thought this video of Red Skelton defining the pledge of allegiance was apropos, particularly the part about a republic:

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One Response to To battle the tyranny of the majority, the government must stay shutdown

  1. omanuel says:

    Regretfully, I agree with your assessment.

    I wish it weren’t so, but the sad truth is just this:

    On 24 Oct 1945, FEAR separated humans from the reality of mankind’s connection with his Creator via invisible force fields emanating from the Sun’s pulsar core.

    See middle paragraph of this one page synopsis:

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