The mainstream media won’t say this, but the shutdown is about fairness

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus released this statement prior to the shutdown:

I want to applaud Republicans in the House for working to ensure all Americans are treated fairly when it comes to ObamaCare. The latest Continuing Resolution ends special treatment for big business and special exemptions for Congress. President Obama awarded big business a delay from ObamaCare; it’s only right to give the same to hardworking middle class Americans. To object to that is to object to the basic principle of fairness.

While Harry Reid and his Democrat colleagues keep pushing America toward a government shutdown, the House Republicans have worked to do the will of the American people. If the Democrats reject the latest resolution to keep government running, they’ll be sending a clear message that they think they and their political allies are more important than average Americans.

Americans didn’t want ObamaCare forced on them, and they don’t want a shutdown forced on them either. Once again, Democrats are unwilling to listen.

On the House floor Speaker Boehner said:

And finally we have this:


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