The President blunders, the media protects and the people are ignorant. What can go wrong?

I noted on Monday my surprise at the speed in which the media was spinning and changing the narrative  of the events surrounding Syria. listed this as one of two reasons why the media is having a harder time covering up the president’s numerous blunders:

1. There is no gap of time between Obama’s blunder & the MSM’s attempts to spin it.  The longer the gap of time between the Obama blunder and the time the media begins spinning, the better the spin works because people forget what actually happened. The passage of weeks, months and sometimes years allows people to forget what was actually said or done. This gives the MSM an incredible amount of wiggle room when it comes to trying to rewrite the history.  But what if the blunder was so bad and so evident the MSM *doesn’t* have that gap of time? What if they have to start spinning within hours of the blunder, not days or weeks?  When that happens it becomes even more obvious what they are doing.

2. Obama is on a national stage with the country watching him when he commits the blunder.  It’s not closed door policy stuff or a speech only a handful saw him give weeks or months ago and now something problematic has developed about it. His profile during the blunder is so high, spinning it becomes extraordinarily difficult.

This is why Syria is damaging Obama so badly. Obama blunders around & the MSM can’t wait a week or so before beginning spin what happened. They have to start immediately. And because of Obama’s high profile during all of this war talk, way more people saw and heard what he actually said or did, so the spinning of it has only limited effect.

They too point to the different covers of Time Magazine, which many different bloggers noted, as an attempt to protect the President’s image here in America. Of course, the libs site the fact Time Magazine is known for using different covers in America. They see this recent occurrence as market targeting and not any attempt to protect the President. However, many of us on the right, think such a substantial shift in world leadership garners the same importance everywhere.

We can debate the point until the cows come home ,but I am certain no one will change their opinion. What cannot be debated; the President is committing blunder after blunder.

This leads me to one blunder the President made in his address to the nation on Sept. 9. In this speech the President said:

I’m also mindful that I’m the President of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy.


The man doesn’t even know what type of government he leads.


I’ll concede he probably does.

He was just focusing on breaking his record for the use of the word “I.”

But wait! He also said it on Aug 31 in the Rose Garden.

I wasn’t going to harp on this, but given how little people know about our government I thought today was as good as any to broach this topic.

Recently, former Supreme Court Justice, Sandra day O’Connor, lamented that only one-third of the public can name the three branches of government and:

Less than one-third of eighth-graders can identify the historical purpose of the Declaration of Independence, and it’s right there in the name

It certainly does not help that the President of the country cannot properly identify the type of government he leads!

I’m not in the mood to rant on the ignorance of Americans, their stupidity or their arrogance, there is nothing there I haven’t said before.

Instead, I found this educational video for those who want a civics lesson.

Maybe someone will show it to our current Commander-in-Chief.

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2 Responses to The President blunders, the media protects and the people are ignorant. What can go wrong?

  1. I’d love to believe that most folks know the difference between a democracy and representative republic….

    …but I don’t. The re-election of this man tells me all I need to know about the overall acumen of today’s average voter.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      Don’t be to hard on the average voter, they do have their hands full: keeping up with the Kardashians, watching Dancing with the Stars, and demanding $15 minimum wage, you know the important things.sigh

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