Let’s set the record straight with Judge Jeanine Pirro

I knew it would be only a matter of time before the left would spin this whole Syrian fiasco as some major victory for President Obama.

I know you knew it too!

But somehow they still managed to surprise me with how quickly they produced garbage like this from Frank Kaplan at slate.com:

Obama can cite his threat to use force as the reason Putin suddenly swung into action (this might even be true, to some extent). He can thus take at least joint credit for ridding Syria of chemical weapons and upholding international law. And he is saved from having to make good on letting Congress vote on whether to authorize the use of force—a vote that he seemed all but certain to lose. A win-win-win for Obama.

Look how quickly Jonathan Allen from Politico is rewriting history with this claim:

In another debate that never came up for a vote the White House could have  easily lost, Obama was led into asking Congress for approval to bomb Syria.

According to Allen, it wasn’t the President’s idea to seek approval from Congress for a military strike against Syria, someone led him there?!

I saw one comment claiming President Obama was Kennedyesque in his handling of the crisis and they were not referring to the Bay of Pigs.

I must have been living in an alternative universe.


Don’t worry.

I wont be using another Star Trek reference.

Instead, I’m just going to let Judge Jeanine Pirro’s opening statement remind everyone exactly what happened this past week:

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