President Obama’s 39% approval rating

While the President’s approval has not yet reached his Real Clear Politics average low of 42.8%, this week the President’s approval in one poll, Reuters/Ipsos has dropped to match his record low of 39%.

Only one other time has he hit 39% and that was in the Gallup poll which occurred at the same time of his record average low.

The poll which was taken from September 6th through the 10th and has an internal make up of…

Hold on to your hats….

D +12!

That’s right!

In a poll consisting of 42% Democrats, 30% Republicans and 15% Independents, the President’s approval can’t even reach 40%.

Even worse for the President, the same poll states only 21% think the country is going in the right direction, while 62% think we are headed in the wrong direction.

I know it’s one poll and some may want to dismiss it as an online poll, but this poll has gained enough credibility as to be included in the Real Clear average since April.

I thought I would draw some attention to it. After all, we know the main stream media hasn’t been talking much about the President’s approval numbers and the reason is obvious:


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One Response to President Obama’s 39% approval rating

  1. Obama dips to a 39% approval rating? No big deal. Watch for the White House spin: “From the Oval Office it was announces today that 61% agree with the President over the question of lack of exceptionalism.”

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