The arrest of Emily Yates


In Philadelphia, Emily Yates, a United States Veteran, was protesting a potential military strike on Syria and was arrested for questioning why she cannot stand in the shade.

According to, an individual who recorded the incident:

indicated that he started filming because he “saw her [Yates] being confronted and thought something saucy might happen because those park police are known for using force.” On the video, one can clearly see that Yates is not being violent or resisting arrest in any way. Additionally, the Federal Parks Police did not tell her why they were arresting her.

The Federal Parks Police have yet to comment.

See the arrest from another angle here.

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9 Responses to The arrest of Emily Yates

  1. omanuel says:

    The sad fact is that we now live in a police state.

    Wish it weren’t true, but ignoring reality doesn’t change it.

    Oliver K. Manuel

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  2. Bill Sheppardine says:

    Comply, then question.
    Question WHILE complying.
    Be silent and go limp.
    Any of these options would be have been better (and ultimately, more effective) than the pathetic display of resisting arrest/shrill PMS meltdown that this hippy-harpy undertook.
    Had I been in command, I would have confiscated her banjo and ordered my men to pepper spray, taze, and billy club her into oblivion while I looked on, playing “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.”

    • Bret Rickert says:

      Your comment says more about you than you may like.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • Charlie Red says:

      You are the garbage currently in our police. I hope you eat a D*** and choke on it.

      Question WHILE complying, f— that noise. How about you shut the f— up and have a conversation with the citizens to want to be protecting? Oh right, because your f—ing safety is more important than mine.

      You perpetuate the police state Mr. Commander.

      • Bret Rickert says:

        Love the passion, I just needed to edit a little. I try to keep this family friendly, but it seems this post is evoking strong feelings from all sides.

      • Bill Sheppardine says:

        I keep reading “have a conversation with the citizens to want to be protecting” but I still have no idea what that means.
        Were you having a stroke when you attempted to respond to me? Is English not your first language? Are you receiving SSI benefits because of severe head trauma? Or perhaps you were trying to comment and sniff glue at the same time.
        And with regard to the profanity: Do you kiss your same-sex live-in male companion with that mouth?
        Emily Yates’ little performance was just a silly publicity stunt to promote her awful website and terrible music.

    • Bill Sheppardine says:

      Oh my.
      Please forgive this! It was completely my fault to leave my computer unattended and logged into WordPress. I will deal harshly with the person responsible for the venomous comments posted in my name. Very sorry!

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