A Syrian fiasco

It’s Friday on the last unofficial weekend of the summer. Before I take off, I feel obligated to post something regarding the possible military strike on Syria.

Will we?

Won’t we?

We know England won’t, and yesterday Charles Krauthammer summed up that development superbly :

For those in England, I think Newport West MP, Paul Flynn, expressed the prevailing sentiment most adroitly:

Isn’t the real reason we’re here today, is not because of the horror of these weapons and the horror exists – but because the American president foolishly drew a red line and because of his position now, he’s going to attack or face humiliation. That’s why we’re being drawn into war.

Cartoonist A.F Branco was even more succinct:

operation save face

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend. Please, take a moment to consider all the great people serving in the military under this (gag) leader.

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One Response to A Syrian fiasco

  1. If there’s a way for President Unifier to screw this up, have no fear:
    he will.

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