Governor Nikki Haley At Walmart U.S. Manufacturing Summit

WalMart conducted a two day summit aimed at creating more manufacturing in the United States. With labor costs rising in Asia this “made in the USA” campaign, a real opportunity exists for the return of some manufacturing jobs to the US.

Hal Sarkin,  a senior partner and managing director at the Boston Consulting Group and an expert on manufacturing, believes that this movement could be responsible for the creation of 100,00 jobs.

In fact ABC News reports:

Several companies were quick to get into the spirit at the summit. Kevin Toomey, president and CEO of Kayser-Roth Corp., a North Carolina-based legwear manufacturer, said his company would create over 100 jobs with a $30 million investment, and sock manufacturer Renfro Corp. announced a $10 million investment would bring 195 U.S. jobs.

Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of General Electric Corp., announced that the company would be bringing 150 manufacturing jobs to plants in Illinois and Ohio where high-efficient lighting will be built. The $30 million investment will be at plants in Circleville, Ohio; Bucyrus, Ohio; and Mattoon,

Governor Haley speaks for the first 8 minutes of the video:

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