About those NSA violations

John Fund wrote an excellent piece yesterday titled, “Time for answers from the NSA” In it he notes that while many supporters of the program are beginning to have some doubts he states:

Yet some NSA defenders continue to insist that nothing is wrong. Back in July, House Intelligence Committee chair Mike Rogers claimed that there have been “zero privacy violations” on the part of NSA. After the leaked audit made news on Friday, he retreated to saying that “there was no intentional and willful violation of the law.”

Yea… Okay.


He continues:

Other top officials have made such a hash of explaining each new NSA revelation that even staunch national-security conservatives are beginning to wonder what else we don’t know. “The proper response to the latest revelation is not panic but deep frustration and a demand for data that does more than get the NSA through a news cycle,” writes Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s conservative blogger. “It must be more forthcoming, or it will lose its mandate.”



I think I’m going back to this:

Actually it was a dive roll onto the beach :-)

Nothing can hurt me now.

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3 Responses to About those NSA violations

  1. Bret, Bret, Bret….,
    What have I told you about hurting yourself??!?

    I’m going to buy you one of these, if you keep this up:

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