Rand Paul dicusses the NSA, Obamacare and Chris Christie on Fox News Sunday

Personally, I still have my doubts about Rand Paul.

I cannot deny his interviews are getting better and in this one he does a very fine job taking on the NSA, Obamacare, and attempting to diffuse the dispute between he and Governor Chris Christie.

I’m sure you remember.

Christie is my Governor.

I use to be proud of him.

Now, not so much.

In the beginning of the interview Sen. Paul mentions the checks and balances in the constitution. This leads me to the article “Obama Flouts the Law” by Clarice Feldman. It begins by reminding us of how Obama broke federal election laws in 2008 and ends with;

There  is no quick way through the courts, I’m afraid, to stem the Administration’s  repeated, open flouting of the law. Is anyone on Capitol Hill paying  attention?

I strongly suggest you give it a read.

Now, here’s Rand!

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