Bill O’Reilly: Race in America- President Obama and the Race Problem

As I continue with, shall I say, my interesting summer, leaving me with little time to devote to my posts, I want to show last night’s talking points from the Bill O’Reilly show. I’m not an O’Reilly Fan. As a matter  of a fact, he usually leaves me shaking my head mumbling something along the lines of “what an arrogant..”

Yea I know, I can’t complete that sentence and maintain my high standards of keeping this site family friendly.

His talking points last night were dead on and I’m sure today he will be called every variation of racist imaginable.

I’m also including the following segment featuring reaction from Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham. These two segments made for some interesting television.

“Interesting television.” Now there’s an oxy moron, eh?

Segment two:

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7 Responses to Bill O’Reilly: Race in America- President Obama and the Race Problem

  1. A truly valuable posting. I hope you get a good deal of attention on this. I saw his Talking Points segment on the program and am happy that you have chosen to highlight them as it’s about the most rational statement anyone has made about this subject, with national forum (I know Fox News likes to pretend they’re not a part, at this point, of the mainstream, but that’s just silly.), in a long, long time. (We’ll certainly never hear passion or insight like this from Washington.) My only disappointment was that during the follow-up segment with Juan and Mary, Bill couldn’t contain his penchant for self-satisfaction and the need to be constantly praised by his peers, to allow the conversation he so keenly started, to extend from beyond having to sneak in from between his incessant interruptions.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      I wavered on including the second segment for the very reasons you state, but I thought it was important to have a reaction to the talking points.

      • I agree and see your point. It was simply frustrating that Juan was actually making valuable points inspired by and supporting Bill’s argument, but Bill is always so desperate to be right he wasn’t listening. (Does that count as a form of comic irony?)

  2. Richsrd Hare says:

    THAT WAS A BUNCH OF B.S. First you have to start what lead to demise of the black family. DRAFT,not able to spank your child like it was done since the beginning of slavery early city living like it was set in the 50’s.People moving outside of the city limits , leaving the interstructure to fall by the wayside.Drugs imported in to the so called ghetto to destroy the mind ,body,and soul.Hiring of black women in front of black males.Last but not least Afro-American is not a race .We were brought to this country under slavery. To work as free labor,no religion and no culture taught a new language so in order to be a race those are the tools we need to be one.The number that Mr.O’Reilly so boldly quoted is in my opinion is completely false,12% OF THE POPULATION and 73% of black children are born without fathers?

  3. I saw this last night: glad you posted it, partner.

    Yeah, O’Reilly can be a smug, pompous a**, …but in this case he was a 100% CORRECT, smug pompous a**.

    And yes, he’s already been pilloried for it.

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