My remedy for the current craziness-Payday

All this heat and humidity combined with all this nonsensical fallout from the Zimmerman trial, add Juan Williams claiming that the verdict lacked compassion and making the stupid statement that we have juries to ignore the technicalities of the law  and my head is ready to explode.

Apparently, Leo Terrell feels the same way. Click the link to see the exchange between Juan and Leo if you want your head to explode.

When I feel like this I need the medicine of laughter.

Today, I’m pulling out the big guns. I’m going back to 1940 and the film debut of Abbott and Costello in “One Night in the Tropics.” Watching this scene you can’t help but think of how we all felt when we received our first paycheck.

It’s like the character, Rachel Green, from “Friends” said: “Who’s FISA and why is he taking all my money?”


I’m ready to continue the week.

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