Rep. Jim Bridenstine on tyranny in America

Jim Bridenstine

Jim Bridenstine is a first term congressman representing Oklahoma’s first district. He’s a veteran combat pilot of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and serves as a Lt. Commander in the Navy Reserves. Rep. Bridenstine displayed his independent streak when on his first day as congressman, he voted against John Boehner for House Speaker. He is a person to watch and his floor speeches are becoming a youtube attraction. Yesterday, in under a minute, he defined what tyranny in America would look like:

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3 Responses to Rep. Jim Bridenstine on tyranny in America

  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Representative Bridenstine. You have a powerful opponent, but you are on the winning side now because the most powerful man on Earth cannot defeat truth.

    When I return from vacation next week, I hope to finish and submit a manuscript showing that:

    Well-intentioned but foolish international agreements to save mankind from the threat of nuclear annihilation – by obscuring the energy (E) stored as mass (m) in cores of atoms, planets, stars and galaxies – instead destroyed credibility in post-1945 world governments, the integrity of science and the inalienable right of mankind to self-govern.

    Recent government spying on citizens is as desperate as the actions of a drowning person. They will only hasten the end of this tragic drama.

    Grants and awards inflated the egos of post-WWII scientists, as invisible new clothes fooled the emperor in a classic fairy tale.  Ego deflation by acceptance of reality will restore sanity to society and destroy man’s dangerous illusion of control over Nature.

    I regret being so slow to decipher this post-1945 web of well-intentioned deceit.

    With deep regrets,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    PS – These post-1945 discoveries will likely be confirmed:

    1. Two forms of one fundamental particle – the neutron and its expanded form, the hydrogen atom – comprise the whole universe. It can be understood by all.  This reality has been obscured by imaginary a.) Subdivisions of fundamental particles (quarks, gluons, God particles, etc.) and elements (Ne-A, Ne-B, Ne-C, etc.) and b.) Processes (superheavy element fission and interstellar grains in meteorites). 

    2. The Sun made our elements and then exploded five billion years ago to birth the solar system.

    3.  Light elements existed only in the outer layer of the stellar debris that formed the outer planets.  Heavy elements of different isotopic composition in different stellar layers are “normal” in inner planets and “strange” in outer planets. 

    4. The Sun’s core is a pulsar, energized by neutron repulsion. 

    5. Self-sustaining nuclear reactors operated on the early Earth.

    6. Nuclear reactors still operate in cores of some planets.

    7. “Cold” fusion is a viable energy source.

    These seven consensus models of reality will likely be falsified:

    1. The Standard Solar Model of Hydrogen-filled stars.

    2. Yukawa’s model of all attractive nuclear forces.

    3. Models of pulsars as dead embers of ordinary stars.

    4. Theoretical models of black holes.

    5. Sub-particles of neutrons & protons: quarks, gluons, etc.

    6. Oscillating solar neutrinos, and

    7. AGW/AGC models of global warming & cooling induced by humans.

    Oliver K. Manuel
    28 June 2013

  2. Okay, I’ve read that first comment twice now….

    …and I still have no clue what he’s talking about.

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