Oh Joy! President Obama to address climate change

In Germany, the President said climate change was “the global threat of our time” to a less than enthusiastic crowd. He also said: “The effort to slow climate change requires bold action.”

Today, he will announce his “bold action” in a speech at Georgetown University(another speech at another university.) Clearly, the majority of Americans cannot wait to hear it. See:

Public policy  Priorities for 2013

Okay, maybe not.

But hey, I’m sure that 28% are doing their happy dances right now in anticipation for the big speech.

You may not realize it but this is a very important speech. How many speeches get their own trailer? See:

Isn’t that special?  Don’t you just want a nice cold bottle of beer after watching that. Coors! Brewed from “Rocky Mountain spring water.”

It almost makes me forget that the man said this back in January of 2008:

To forget that,however, I would need a couple of bottles of scotch.

Is it any wonder that 70% of Americans are taking prescription drugs?

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3 Responses to Oh Joy! President Obama to address climate change

  1. So, Obama will address the climate change issue. Hmmm. When I think of Obama addressing anything, I am reminded of Ed Norton on “The Honeymooners” learning to play golf. Step #1: “address the ball”, which led Ed to doff his hat and say “hello ball.” Whenever Obama addresses anything he deems important, I imagine his people so through weeks of rigorous brainstorming and then employ the “Ed Norton Factor”.

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