And Benghazi is slipping away

As I tend to my severely strained right deltoid muscle, which, quite frankly, is making just about everything difficult to do, not to mention the havoc it’s playing on my back. I want to share with you some thoughts by Joseph Curl that reflect what I was trying to express, oh so humorously (even if I do say so myself,) in my Friday post “Surveillance.”

He summarizes:

So wait: Members of the Obama  administration rolled out yet another scandal that isn’t a scandal? You bet  they did (c’mon, The Guardian?). And this  one has been a blast for them. First, top Team Obama officials have gotten to  say their favorite word, over and over: “Bush.” Second, Republicans awoke from  the slumber long enough to decry — the very thing they supported under George W.  Bush. Bonanza.

“Seizing phone records of millions of innocent people is excessive and  un-American,” said Rep. F. James  Sensenbrenner Jr., author of the excessive and un-American Patriot Act in  2001. “This is a big deal, a really big deal,” the Wisconsin Republican said of  the tiny story that will fade faster than Liberace’s love of a new boy toy.

So, another scandal that goes nowhere. Let’s recount: There’s the IRS  scandal — the agency’s targeting  tea party organizations. But half the country went, “Good. %&*@ the tea  party.” And it’ll end with a few heads lopped off, mostly done already.

There’s the AP phone scandal — Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. testified  under oath that he didn’t know a thing: Done.

There’s the Fox News scandal: Half the country went, “Good. #$@% Fox News.” A  story with no legs.

The drip-drip-drip of scandal is deliberate: Give the press something to chew  on (and it’s just fat, so lots of chewing). It’s a long summer, in an off year — Year No. 5, scandal year. Remember, this is the administration that said, “You never want a  serious crisis to go to waste.” So they decided, “Hey, let’s do our own  scandals!”

And today, we have news of more scandals.

Other than his take on the IRS, I mostly agree with this assessment. I am skeptical of how high up the IRS scandal will go, but I do not believe it was met with any apathy from the public.

It is his conclusion I agree with and most fear:

But watching these scandals come and just as quickly go makes me wonder.  Maybe the once-tight-as-a-drum  administration suddenly has sprung a leak — or five. Maybe its sheer  incompetence has simply caught up with it. But something smells fishy, nothing  adds up. And with each emerging scandal, the most damning one — Benghazi — recedes a bit more into the past.

Come September, we’ll likely look back and say, “Huh. Lotta’ smoke, no fire.” But four Americans are dead: We still don’t know why. And that’s a real  scandal.

That is the real scandal isn’t it.

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