First Benghazi, and now tax problems

On one hand, we have the continuing Benghazi scandal.

On the other hand we have the IRS targeting those who criticized the government.

Thunder meet lightning:

thunder meet lightning

No matter how hard the Democrats try, Benghazi is not going away. It has been reported that more whistleblowers are coming forward and Chairman of the Oversight and Government committee, Darrel Issa, seeks to:

privately depose two former U.S. officials that headed the Accountability Review Board, which investigated the Benghazi attacks and issued a scathing report on December 18 that criticized security at the mission and leadership “deficiencies”.

I question whether Admiral Michael Mullen and Ambassador Thomas Pickering will be willing since they already refused an invitation to testify before the committee. Although, Ambassador Pickering had no problem with appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday.

As for who the IRS targeted, one simple graphic says it all:

Tax trouble

And let us not forget Jewish Groups.

The IRS claims the conduct was by only low-level personnel and not driven by any partisan motives. But as uber-Obama defender Joe Klein states:

Does anyone actually believe this?

Yet again, we have an example of Democrats simply not managing the government  properly and with discipline. This is just poisonous at a time of skepticism  about the efficacy of government. And the President should know this: the  absence of scandal is not the presence of competence. His unwillingness to  concentrate — and I mean concentrate obsessively — on making sure that  government is managed efficiently will be part of his legacy.

Previous Presidents, including great ones like Roosevelt, have used the IRS  against their enemies. But I don’t think Obama ever wanted to be on the same  page as Richard Nixon. In this specific case, he now is.

And what is the President doing today?

What else……..attending THREE Democratic fundraisers today

I’m sure Presidential spokesman Jay Carney will clear this matter up as effectively as he has handled the Benghazi talking points.

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3 Responses to First Benghazi, and now tax problems

  1. Well summarized, Bret. This is the realization of every bad nightmare and fear we’ve harbored about this crew since they came to power.

    The only surprising aspect is the level at which they appear comfortable with the fallout, thus far.

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