Democrats are worried about Benghazi

And they should be.

We have the ABCNEWS exclusive:Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror Reference:

After that meeting, which took place Saturday morning at the White House, the CIA drafted the final version of the talking points – deleting all references to al Qaeda and to the security warnings in Benghazi prior to the attack.

Stephen Hayes continues his excellent reporting with The Benghazi Scandal Grows:

In an email at 2:44 p.m. to Chip Walter, head of the CIA’s legislative affairs office, Petraeus expressed frustration at the new, scrubbed talking points, noting that they had been stripped of much of the content his agency had provided. Petraeus noted with evident disappointment that the policymakers had even taken out the line about the CIA’s warning on Cairo. The CIA director, long regarded as a team player, declined to pick a fight with the White House and seemed resigned to the propagation of the administration’s preferred narrative. The final decisions about what to tell the American people rest with the national security staff, he reminded Walter, and not with the CIA.

This candid, real-time assessment from then-CIA director Petraeus offers a glimpse of what many intelligence officials were saying privately as top Obama officials set aside the truth about Benghazi and spun a fanciful tale about a movie that never mattered and a demonstration that never happened.

Also, today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe we have Lisa Myers saying this:

There is something called Benghazi going on, And I think the Democrats now are starting to worry about it. I started–I got calls from a number of Democrats yesterday trying to undermine Greg Hicks’s testimony, saying he wasn’t demoted, etc. So I think they feel that some damage was done by those three witnesses on Wednesday.

Is everyone else hearing that drip drip drip?

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5 Responses to Democrats are worried about Benghazi

  1. Not sure they’re too worried — they have the corrupt, Low Information Journalist to cover/ ignore most of it. They do a better job than Pravda ever it.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      “they do a better job than Pravda ever did”

      Ain’t that the truth.

      I decided today I would be optimistc, but I know this could me nothing more than a Friday dump before Mother’s day.

  2. I’m afraid I lost my optimism when Hussein got reelected. If the country has become this stupid, this uninformed, so filled with Low Info Voters, journalist and reporters and where truth is called a lie… we need a revolution.

  3. You’re reading this right, Bret.

    Plus, ABC covered it today, too.
    And MSNBC said it looked “Clintonian”…and THEN said there was a risk of Impeachment.

    Yes, ……MSNBC.
    I almost fell off my chair at this one:

    Something is happening, and I don’t believe it bodes well for this Administration.
    Those drips are can become splashes in a hurry…

    • Bret Rickert says:

      It was Michael Tomasky of Newsweek/The Daily Beast who used the “I word”.
      It has been a fun newsday for conservatives, especially with the IRS news. 😀

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