White House Correspondents party guests gain 20 pounds

No, it was not the food at the White House Correspondents dinner that caused the weight gain it was this 20 pound gift bag:

Courtesy of  Time and People magazines.

According to The Reliable Source of the Washington Post this gift bag contained:

Alba Botanica, Alex and Ani, California Baby, C Wonder, Demeter Fragrance, Eastern Collective, Edge Shave Gel, Georgetown Cupcake, GoGo squeeZ, GoMarco In., Good Karmal, Grooming Lounge, Happy Socks, Herban Essentials, illy issimo, Incase, JASON, John Masters Organics, Justin’s, KIND Healthy Snacks, Kusmi Tea, LeSportsac (the bag itself), L’Oreal Paris, MADHOUSE by Michael Aram, Manduka, Neuro Drinks, Peeled Snacks, Pirate’s Booty, Praim Gorup, Preserve Products, PRITI NYC, Purely Elizabeth, Quinn Popcorn, Red Bull, Revision Skincare, RUSK, SAMY FAT HAIR, Sara Kety Baby, Schick, Scholastic, Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle, Somersault Snack Co., SpaRitual, Starbucks, Stila, Supersmile, TableTopics, Taza Chocolate, Theo Chocolate, Toyota (alas, a mug, not a car), Twistband, Urbanhalo Headbands, VEGA, Weleda.

Oh, and of course, copies of the latest People and Time magazines.

Ahhh, being a celebrity/journalist has its perks. At least for some the recession ended four years ago.

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2 Responses to White House Correspondents party guests gain 20 pounds

  1. If only we were one of the self-declared “elite”, we could be feted like that, as well.

    Oh, well.
    I suppose our journalist Nobility does have an image to keep up: a bad one.
    And this just makes it worse…

    • Bret Rickert says:

      I think they may have jumped the shark this year. Funny thing about that phrase, “Happy Days” continued to air for seven more years after that episode. We have to endure only 3 1/2 more years of Obama. I say only dripping with sarcasm.

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