Even Bill Maher gets it

No matter what your opinion is of Bill Maher, you have to admit he gets this one correct. I never thought I would agree with him on anything, but here you go.

Now I have to call Hades and see if it’s snowing.

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4 Responses to Even Bill Maher gets it

  1. Hi Bret.

    I sometimes think that Bill Maher has multiple personalities. He (and Colbert & Stewart) so often take positions and make statements designed to elicit laughter from their leftist audiences that when a moment of logical clarity occurs, it leaves you really scratching your head. I think it’s because they don’t have any desire to pull on the thread of that moment of clarity, to trace it deeper and see how many of their other superficial houses of cards would fall apart. Their philosophies are so floating and relative, they think their occasional logical observations are just another random unanchored thought.

    I glanced at a few of your economics-oriented articles, and decided to follow you. We think alike in that area, it appears.

    – Jeff

    • Bret Rickert says:

      This is always a nice thing to come home to after a Sunday outdoors. Thanks.
      What really drives me crazy about the three you mentioned is even when I want to laugh with them I find it difficult. Although, Stewart succeeds in make me laugh more than the other two.

  2. I don’t watch the Daily Show — I have a living to earn (with a 2-hour-per-day commute) and a blog to write. But when word of a particular Stewart clip goes viral, and it’s one where he’s poking liberals in the eye, I always check it out. Did you see this one?


    – Jeff

    • Bret Rickert says:

      Yea, I remember that clip and that convention still lingers in my nightmares. I should clarify, I don’t watch them, I do pretty much what you do. Uh except the 2 hour commute. 🙂

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