Even the Gorilla is confused


I’ve skipped posting on the last few Sunday’s. While I dedicate Sunday’s as my day to laugh, I just have not been feeling extremely jovial lately. For those of us who are dazed and confused by the events occurring here in Obamaville, take heart. It appears that this confusion extends to the animal kingdom. Watch as Barney the Gorilla confronts his greatest nemesis.

I particularly love the expression on the Gorilla around the 3:20 mark. It’s the same look I get every time I hear the President speak.

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6 Responses to Even the Gorilla is confused

  1. william wallace says:

    BARACK but having been an total failure to the majority
    unlike the wealthy he HAS greatly increased their power.

    The few rights remaining BARACK stripped away / it be
    any individual can now be arrested where no charge is
    made no trial no court no legal aid / the individual’s but
    simply left to rot in a prison cell /// deprived of all rights.

    Your linking an GORILLA to BARACK but a great insult
    to the GORILLA / an great wrong on your part thus the
    GORILLA is due your apology /// as deserving respect.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      No, my man, I’m comparing the gorilla to me. With both have the same bewilderment at ongong events.

      • william wallace says:

        In comparing yourself to the GORILLA is but a great disrespect to the GORILLA
        the GORILLA ‘s not confused it your ill guided assumption GORILLA’s confused.

        The GORILLA at peace with it’s stage of development it’s brain in being at peace
        it’s you whom are not at peace as you are the victim of 24/7 media brainwashing
        your brain development having never been allowed thus leaving you in a state of
        frustration knowing it not right but lacking the proper guidance in supporting aid.

        I will write a further comment (soon) as how you can achieve brain development
        thus be free from political brainwashing thus in your knowing the true goal of life.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      LOL you’re assuming my brain can still be developed. 🙂

      • william wallace says:

        YES ……… your brain is perfect for its purpose / its just that
        rather than put to it’s proper use you use it as a garbage bin
        such is not you fault it but the world as it is at present / more
        so if one in as part of western nations where the material in
        having become their God / development of brain very low on
        the agenda where military force used / instead of their brain.

        ps / I’ll send helpful information to aid your development soon.

  2. william wallace says:

    Throughout history of humanity there always an
    “Teacher of Teachers” the Teacher of Teachers
    aids as guides one on the final stage of learning
    such is done via meditation where one in turning
    the senses inward thus one has a very practical
    experience of the creator. Such experience then
    granting a growing clarity in their understanding
    where all questions one longed being answered
    be answered / one finding true peace one seeks.

    Present “Teachers of Teachers” … Prem rawat )
    Prem has dedicated his life to guide as aid those
    in reaching such stage in their development that
    to further their learning then meditation required.

    On PC search put (words of peace) or (words of
    peace global) on site being a selection of videos
    which Prem explains meditation / its need if it be
    one to go beyond ideas as beliefs unto knowing
    in knowing all ones questions then be answered.

    My apology in the delay to such information. I
    have kept the words as information as simple
    as can be put / in giving you the least amount
    of effort in understanding. I did not wish write
    which Prem can explain far better than I can.

    If at such stage of development you require
    practical knowledge experience of creator to
    understand fully the purpose of creation the
    then ultimate goal of humanity /then you are
    offered the means in open invitation that if it
    your wish / Prem will guide aid your learning.

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