Senator Jeff Sessions on President Obama’s budget

Senator Sessions has become my favorite Senator. Once again,  the Senator reveals the incompetency of those who work in the administration. This time he gets the acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Jeffery Zients, to admit he does not know how much debt is in the Presidents Budget:

I’m sure we  are all smart enough to know Mr. Zients knew the answer, he just did not want to answer the question.

Now let’s watch Senator Session as he highlights the persistent misrepresentations in President Obama’s budgets:

Finally, Investor’s Business Daily list 6 ways President Obama’s budget is worse than expected. The budget:

  • Is filled with accounting gimmicks
  • Boosts spending and deficits over the next two years
  • Vastly exaggerates spending cuts.
  • Relies almost entirely on tax hikes
  • Creates a new entitlement without a reliable means to pay for it
  • Boosts taxes on the middle class

The last sentence in the article says it all; if it weren’t for smoke and mirrors, Obama would have no budget plan at all”

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One Response to Senator Jeff Sessions on President Obama’s budget

  1. And we are surprised….?

    (rhetorical question; no need to answer).

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