Self-identified conservative states have lower unemployment

Kyle Becker had an interesting article in Independent Journal Review a few days ago. In the article he observes:

States where self-identified conservatives dominate the political landscape are more likely to have the lowest unemployment rates. People can argue about it, but they should take it up with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the people who respond to Gallup surveys.

After explaining that the Gallup score for “middle-of-the road”  ideology is a 17.7. Mr. Becker once again observes:

Of the 31 states with below 7.7% unemployment, only 11 are less-than-average on the conservative score, meaning ‘more liberal’ than average. That means 20 of these 31 states are more conservative than average. Moreover, their mean ‘conservative advantage’ score is 19.3 (above the 17.7 of all states).

Meanwhile, the 18 states with above 7.7% unemployment scores have 10 ‘more liberal’ states (mean scores do not reflect number of states). The average ‘conservative advantage score’ for these states is 14.48. That means nearly a 5-point gap in Ideology with those states leading the way in lower unemployment.

Interestingly, there is a high correspondence between Ideology and Party Dominance. The 25 states dominated by the Republican Party have an average Ideology (‘conservative advantage’) score of 24.6 and an average unemployment rate of 6.67. The 15 states dominated by Democrats have an average Ideology score of 6.45 and an unemployment rate of 7.55. The 10 Split states have a very-near average 17.31 score and unemployment rate of a middling 7.12.

He is even kind enough to provide us with this chart listing the ideology of the 31 states with unemployment under 7.7%.


What prompted me to post this article was Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback’s GOP weekly address. This is the first time I have ever posted the GOP’s weekly address.  I told myself I would disregard the President’s weekly address and the GOP’s response. Usually they are just fodder.

However, I really liked his address and this is what Republicans must do more of, focus the public’s attention on the success they are having in the states they govern.

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