Don’t be fooled Obamacare medical device tax has NOT been repealed

Last night the Senate held a SYMBOLIC vote:

The Senate voted 79-20 to call for repeal of the tax, but the resolution is non-binding and will not change the levy. The symbolic measure will be attached to a non-binding budget measure drafted by Senate Democrats that is expected to pass on Friday.

Full repeal of the tax may be difficult to achieve, given its $30 billion price tag and the opposition of key Senate Democrats, including Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“The industry has a fighting chance of getting the tax moderated or eliminated as part of a much larger tax reform bill, where the device levy becomes a rounding error,” said Paul Heldman, a policy analyst at Potomac Research Group. “But major tax reform in this Congress is a long shot.”

Nine Senate Democrats are signed up to back the symbolic amendment. More than a dozen Senate Democrats wrote to Reid last year seeking to delay the tax.

Reid does not support repeal. Nor does Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, who helped usher Obama’s healthcare bill into law. The medical device tax is among several new industry levies in the healthcare overhaul law, which aims to provide health insurance for millions of Americans who lack it.

The law is being implemented. It was declared constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court last year.

The medical device tax, which went into effect this year, is projected to raise about $30 billion over a decade. That government revenue would be lost if the tax were repealed.

Once again, symbolism over substance.

Anyone else as completely fed up with our government as I am?

That’s what I thought.

I think I’m going to go sit on a street corner in the liberal bastion of the upper east side in New York City and eat a box of doughnuts while drinking Big Gulps, with a sign that says “Obamacare will pay my medical bills.”

That will show them!

doughnutsbig gulphurt

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