MSNBC the Opinion Network

The Pew Research Center released its report on the state of the news media for 2012. The report reveals that MSNBC coverage is predominantly based on opinion rather than factual reporting here is a breakdown of the three cable networks.

news index pewThe report also finds:

For nearly three-quarters of adults (72%), the most common way to get news from friends and family is by having someone talk to them—either in person or over the phone. And among that group, close to two-thirds (63%) somewhat or very often seek out a news story about that event or issue. Social networking is now a part of this process as well: 15% of U.S. adults get most of their news from friends and family this way, and the vast majority of them (77%) follow links to full news stories. Among 18-to-29 year-olds, the percentage that primarily relies on social media for this kind of news already reaches nearly one-quarter

While the report seems to be impressed with the high percentage of people who seek out full news stories. I’m alarmed at the percentage of people who take the word of their family and friends at face value. Especially when more “news coverage” is actually opinion.

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