Star Trek vs Star Wars

Yesterday, during his press conference President Obama made, what I thought, was a glaring mistake when he uttered the phrase “Jedi mind meld.”

I laughed when this happened. I said to myself:

“Self, finally, FINALLY! The people will surely see this man is not the genius he has been portrayed to be”

Remember when he was compared to Mr. Spock?

obama spok.

But surely “The One” could not possibly have made such an outrageous mistake.

How could this man have made such a detrimental faux pas?

Simple, he doesn’t have to worry about making mistakes or even outright lying, he knows the complicit mainstream media will protect him. As a matter of fact, the White House has already worked there magic in an attempt  to convince us that there is indeed a “Jedi mind meld.” Watch as the two universes of Star Trek and Star Wars collide:

And the cover up continues……

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