Keeping the pressure on; two videos from the GOP

Yesterday, I showed the needle of public opinion seems to be shifting in the direction of the Republicans. After weeks of warning the American people of the frightful consequences from sequestration it appears President Obama now admits most people won’t immediately feel the impact of sequestration.  As the Administration threatens Bob Woodward for speaking the truth about the President’s sequester position, the GOP is keeping the pressure on the Democrats with the release of these two videos.

This was released two days ago and is an effective attack on the President’s handling of the sequester.

This next one was released yesterday, the 1400th day since the Senate has passed a budget.

It is difficult to negate the President’s bully pulpit, but the overall consistent message from the Republicans appears to be doing just that. Remember, the President was just sworn in for his second term 40 days ago and gave his inauguration speech 39 days ago. Historically, the public rallies around a President at the start of his second term, the fact that the Republicans are gaining steam at this time, may be a good omen for their success during the President’s second term.

Let’s face it, lately there has not been much for Republicans to cheer about and this small victory could break the GOP’s slump. In baseball, the longest hitting slumps usually come to an end with a simple single and many times a big inning starts with a blooper up the middle.

Yea, baseball season is just around the corner.

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