From George Washington to Barack Obama

Today is President’s day that day we celebrate The Presidents of the United States. As most of us “older folks” remember we use to celebrate Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays separately, now it is a day to honor all American Presidents. As a child, I use to be fascinated with the Presidents, I still have the book my mother bought me when we visited the White House many years ago. I use to think they were supermen now, of course, I know they are just men.

Here is a video listing all the Presidents to the tune of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero. The only downside of the video was my expectation of Bo Derek appearing and profound disappointment when she didn’t.

Still, it’s good music and a good homage to our Presidents.

Now, I have an old movie to watch or rather scenes from an old movie.

I know. I know.

I’m a baaaaad boy!




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5 Responses to From George Washington to Barack Obama

  1. Sorry, I started day-dreaming when you said “Bo Derek”…

    And I used to feel the same way, Bret. We still have the U.S. Presidents board game I received as a kid, with metal coins as the playing pieces and several hundred trivia questions about the men.

    Yeah, I was THAT kid…

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