The Sunday joke-the media

Usually, I would post some political cartoons for my Sunday funny.

Today, however, I’m going to proclaim the media as my Sunday joke.

This week the President gave a sub-standard(I’m being kind with that assessment) State of the Union, The investigation of Senator Bob Menendez and underage hookers is moving forward and the big coverage of the week is about Marco Rubio taking a drink of water. Here’s a test, you’re probably a Democrat:

you might be a democrat

I’m going to leave you with this clip from Fox News Watch where Kirsten Powers, hardly a conservative, continues her assault on the President’s State of the Union address and rips into her fellow liberals.

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2 Responses to The Sunday joke-the media

  1. Even though Powers and I wouldn’t agree on much, she seems to usualy be honest about objective events like this. It was a sip of water, people!
    How many of these folks have even done some public speaking? Trust me, you can’t choose when your mouth goes dry, or if you have to cough, etc..
    You just address it and move on.

    The American ‘Pravda’ press strikes again.

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