Adam Carolla on luck and changing your life

I’m not a big Adam Carolla fan.

Actually, he annoys me to no end.

However, I really like the messages in his first two videos for Prager University. If the name Prager is ringing a bell you may be thinking of author and syndicated talks how host, Dennis Prager, and yes he is the President of Prager University. Their mission is:

Prager University seeks to create a better understanding and appreciation of our unique American Judeo-Christian value system by leveraging the viral power of the Internet with content-rich, visually compelling courses. Taught by some of the best minds in the world, our five-minute videos make key concepts accessible, understandable and fun.  The result is a whole new approach to higher education – the five-minute university.

Our hope is that after seeing these productions, you will “pay it forward” and send them to friends, family and/or anyone in need of a brain realignment. While the video courses are free, they cost money to produce. To help us produce more courses and fulfill our mission, consider paying a voluntary tuition.

Here are Adam Carolla’s first two installments for the university:

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